Benzino ‘Embarassed’ By Shooting At Mother’s Funeral

NE HipHop caught up with rapper and reality star Benzino to get his first interview since the shooting at his mother’s funeral this past weekend.

As he sat in his hospital bed with his arm in a sling, the Boston native spoke about how he feels about the whole ordeal.

“I’m more embarrassed than anything to be honest with you because with me being a public figure and then having the people to see that me and my family’s going through that…I didn’t appreciate that but at the end of the day my mother is up there with her family now and she’s happy. I know she’s resting,” he said.

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, who said he doesn’t usually go to funerals, was shot twice in his arm and will have to undergo physical therapy for his hand.

Officials say Benzino was shot by his 36-year-old nephew on March 29 in Duxbury, Mass. while he attended his mother’s funeral.

Watch below as Zino Grigio talks about how this situation has made him lose faith in people, how Boston suppresses hip-hop and compares Love and Hip Hop Atlanta to the Hunger Games.

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