Bill O’Reilly Calls Jay Z & Kanye West ‘Gangster Rappers,’ Tells Obama To Say ‘Knock It Off’

Earlier this week, President Obama launched a new national program, the “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, a $200 million dollar five-year plan aims to help empower at-risk Black young males. In a speech at the White House this Thursday (Feb. 27), Obama shared how personal the new program was to him, and his hopes for what it would achieve.

Now, FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly has his own suggestions as to how the president’s initiative can take effect. In a sit down with Senior White House Advisor Valerie Jarrett, the notorious host pointed to the “gangstas,”as the “culture of cynicism” that needed to be targeted. Namely, according to O’Reilly, Jay Z and Kanye West are the culprits behind the state of today’s troubled youth.

“You’re gonna have to get Jay Z, Kanye West, all these gangster rappers to knock it off, that’s number one,” he told Jarrett.

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The news host suggested to Jarrett that the primary way in which President Obama’s plan to encourage was through the figures they “idolize,” calling them “pinheads,” “with the hats on backwards and the terrible rap lyrics with the drugs and all of that.” O’Reilly suggested that the White House enlist these figures to be the mouthpiece for the new initiative, even if forcing their participation was necessary.

“It’s these gangster rappers, it’s the athletes, it’s the tattoo guys; you gotta get them in there to tell these kids that you gotta stop the disruptive behavior or you gonna wind up in a morgue or in prison.”

And while Jarrett told him not to underestimate the children, O’Reilly insisted that they were unfamiliar with figures like Colin Powell. The FOX host also invited First Lady Michelle Obama onto his program to encourage young teenage girls to stop having sex.

“I believe that this ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ program is gonna work. But it’ll work a lot faster, and you’ll save a lot more lives if you incorporate what I’m telling you tonight. If you get down to them in a way that’s so personal. Yes, do all the other things, and all the other things are good. But you’re not getting gritty enough.”

Watch Bill O’Reilly’s talk with Valerie Jarrett in the video above.