Bill O’Reilly Is Still Fussing Over Beyonce

Well, somebody’s got a beef with Bey. Not too long ago, political commentator (and constant ruffler of feathers) Bill O’Reilly fiercely debated with Russell Simmons about Beyonce’s “Partition” video. He simply could not understand how someone could see it as art. Apparently O’Reilly wasn’t through with his argument. When asked about Mrs. Carter on the Late Show with David Letterman, he didn’t shy away from the bashing. After calling her album too raunchy, he went on to say that “a lot of young girls who don’t have responsible parents idolize her.”

Letterman countered his argument by bringing up the twerking, minimally clothed, and (for a time) underaged phenomenon known as Miley Cyrus. O’Reilly quickly dismissed the statement, saying that he somehow “missed” Miley’s suggestive “Wrecking Ball” video. Instead, he said that “thug music” like rap and hip hop (and Beyonce?) is destroying America, especially because “right now in the African American community 72 percent of babies are born out of wedlock. Back when Motown was hot in the ’60s, it was 10 percent or 12 percent.” To close out his argument, he encouraged Beyonce to focus on making more uplifting music because she doesn’t need the extra money.

Really, O’Reilly? Watch the nonsense unfold above, and kudos to Letterman for trying to disassociate himself from Bill’s wacky rationale.