Bitcoin Founder Is Allegedly 64 And Lives With Mother


Newsweek is reporting that they’ve found the mysterious founder of Bitcoin, and he’s no Bill Gates. Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman claims that she found Satoshi Nakamoto by talking to early developers that worked with him on Bitcoin. They also dug through U.S. citizen registration cards, talking with forensics analysts, and speaking with Nakamoto’s family, who apparently didn’t even know he had started Bitcoin. “I could see my dad doing something brilliant and not accepting the greater effect of it,” his oldest daughter, Ilene Mitchell, said. “Any normal person would be all over it. But he’s not totally a normal person.” Family members simultaneously describe him as “brilliant” and “an asshole.” He reportedly worked technical jobs in the 90’s until he was fired and then had his home foreclosed on, which may have lead to his disdain for the government. After publishing a paper in 2008 that first laid out the principles of a digital currency, Bitcoins began to gain traction, but it looks rocky as of right now, considering that one of the major exchanges has announced bankruptcy. Now, Nakamoto lives with his 93-year-old mother and none of his kids in Temple City around Los Angeles. He’s estimated to have $400 million worth of Bitcoins, but he hasn’t accessed any of them. Reddit and Twitter users alike have expressed extreme disappointment with Newsweek for possibly endangering the entrepreneur. Others question whether there is even enough credible evidence to prove that Goodman tracked down the true founder. — Max Weinstein