Broken Backcourt: Why Shutting Down Kobe Bryant And Steve Nash Was The Lakers Only Option


Here’s a little hypothetical scenario: Reverse the Los Angeles Lakers current record. Make them 43-22 which would sit them at fifth place in the Western Conference. Now ask yourself: Does Kobe Bryant come back?

Of course he does.

Which is why it’s hard to believe that his “knee hans’t healed” or that he can’t physically play. The Laker organization may be a bit divided, but no one in the basketball world believes for one second that Kobe Bean Bryant wouldn’t be talking about making his return by next month if it meant another shot at his sixth NBA title. L.A. wasn’t wrong for effectively ending Bryant’s 2014 season at six games. In fact, it might be the smarted thing the front office has done all season.

The Lakers also announced that 40-year-old Steve Nash, who’s suffering from old age ailments (bad back, bad knee; all bad everything) won’t play for the remainder of the season either. Nash, however, is so banged up, that there’s little evidence that he’d make it past March.

With old-man Nash barely able to blink on the court without needing a new hip and Bryant being “injured,” the Laker front office finally showed they have some sense. Here’s why benching them both for the rest of the season was a great move.