California Newspaper Publishes Racist ’12 Years a Slave’ Headline [Photo]

After months of critical acclaim, including a “Best Picture” Oscar, the 12 Years a Slave team has a lot to celebrate–but this headline is not one of them. On Monday morning (Mar. 3), southern California newspaper, “Daily Breeze,” decided the headline “‘Slave’ becomes Master” would somehow be fitting for the film’s victory. While many have sounded off on Twitter about the publication’s racist words, they have yet to issue a statement on what we think is a huge mistake.

However, Michael Anastasi–executive director of the paper’s parent company, Digital First Media LA News Group–said he “winced” after seeing the headline and is planning to meet with the responsible parties to resolve.

Vixens, what are your thoughts?

Photo Credit: Daily Breeze/Huffington Post