Chanel Iman Discusses Weight Gain, Growing Up and ‘Yonce’ with The Edit

Chanel Iman covers 'The Edit'
Supermodel Chanel Iman embodies fierceness to a T for the cover of’s digital magazine, The Edit. In addition to posing in an array of fab ensembles from Jason Wu and Altuzarra, the 23-year- old it girl opened up about growing up in the fashion industry, packing on the pounds and the queen, Beyonce.

Catch some of the highlights below:

On  growing up fast:

“I’ve had to grow up very fast, and although I know that if I hadn’t started so early I wouldn’t be where I am today, I often wish that I could have had those high-school years and experiences,” Iman says. “These days I always encourage young models to start no younger than 18. There were times when I felt very lonely because I had to be a grown-up and live in New York by myself – but God blessed me with the opportunity to be a model and I took it. Still, it’s very easy to get caught up and lost and not feel loved in this business.”

On weight gain :

“I’ve been skinny my whole life. And now that I’m getting older I’m gaining weight. I love it, because when you’re teased at school and everyone’s always asking ‘Do you eat?’, it’s like being bullied. When models are criticized for being too thin, it’s just another form of bullying. It would make me feel so insecure when people used to say that about me, because you’re not allowed to go around telling people that they’re too fat and asking ‘Do you ever stop eating?’, are you?”

On Beyonce:

“Beyoncé is such a great woman. So positive and uplifting. All three of us models are very successful in our careers, but because in the fashion industry ‘there’s only one black girl allowed’, they’ve made us compete to be that one girl. Beyoncé allowed us to show the world that we don’t have to fight against each other. She gave us the chance to see that we are far more powerful together.”