Chris Brown Kicked Out Of Rehab For Touching Women?

It’s not secret that Chris Brown is a fan of the ladies but it may be his weak spot for women that got him kicked out of rehab.

According to TMZ, Breezy broke three of the facility’s internal rules, including staying at least two feet from women, a stipulation stemming from the Rihanna case.

Brown allegedly broke the rule after rubbing elbows and hands with a female employee. He also reportedly had an inappropriate encounter with a female at the facility, though it reportedly had nothing to do with him getting the boot.

After the “Loyal” singer left rehab for an authorized outing, he refused to give a random drug test upon his return. Sources say he later ended up taking the test, but his initial refusal is a violation of the rules.

It is also reported that he made a mockery of rehab by making some harsh comments during a group session.

Karrueche’s ex is currently being held without bail and will appear in court today (Mar. 17) with his lawyer, Mark Geragos.

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