College Board Announces Major SAT/ACT Changes



Back in the day, the dreaded SAT test made applying to college an unpleasant experience. However, the good folks at College Board are finally ready to upgrade and have just announced a list of new changes for the obligatory high school testing. Starting in spring 2016, essays will be optional, vocabulary questions will be limited to words typically used in a college setting and the Math section will require that students don’t use a calculator. It will also go back to the 1600 grading scale– a combination of 800 in math and 800 in “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.”

College Board President David Coleman opted for these new options after realizing that the current SAT and ACT exams hardly reflect what’s being taught in high schools across America. In addition to the more appropriate exam, College Board will also give low-income students the opportunity to waive the application fee to four colleges of their choice and free online tutoring.

Sounds like a great idea to us! What do you think, Vixens?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images