Common Gives Back With ‘The City’ For CNN’s ‘Chicagoland’ Docu-Series

As all eyes continue to stay on Chicago, after documentaries from the likes of Noisey and WSHH, CNN is next up to travel to Chi-town and explore its deadly reputation. In the Chicagoland eight-part docu-series, the news titan showcases efforts to help uplift the city nicknamed “Chiraq.”

Chicago native Common is set to appear, alongside various members of the community and policy-makers aiming to improve the city’s policies, education and public safety. Even a child as young as nine-years-old is taking on Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel, in the series to demand change.

Chicagoland, which premiered March 6, will air every Thursday at 10 p.m on CNN. Listen to Common’s “The City” for the show’s promo below.

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