Did Drake And Rihanna Sneak In A Bathroom Quickie In Manchester?

Drake and Rihanna have been cozying up pretty hard in front of the masses since the bad gal popped up on stage in Paris for the rapper’s Would You Like A Tour? overseas. While the two have been snapped holding hands and candlelit dining all over Europe, the Navy and OVO heads have been stalking their every movement, to the point where a fan may have caught them on their worst behavior.

One Instagram user named ovofenty posted a hilarious video of Aubrih sneaking into the bathroom, moments before Drizzy emerges, looking like he just scored the biggest goal in Manchester.

According to the Daily Mail, the two were enjoying each other dinner for four hours with a close group of friends in the city’s highly esteemed Zouk Bar & Restaurant. Champagne and cake with sparklers was said to be on deck.

Whatever happens on tour doesn’t apparently stay there. Check the flicks of their recent close encounter in the U.K. below.

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