Digital Dish: Dondria Talks Reinventing Herself and Second Chances

Dondria Digital Dish8

Despite landing a So So Def record deal before her 21st birthday, YouTube sensation Dondria (Ms. Phatfffat) recently took a break from stardom to find herself, mature and return to humble beginnings–a decision she’s happy to have made.

“When I first got signed I just kind of followed what everybody said to do—I was kind of spoiled like a spoiled brat so having the opportunity to be signed and make music that didn’t help it added to things being handed to me.”

Seven years since signing with Jermaine Dupri, she’s dropped her former persona Ms. Phatfffat and is reintroducing herself as Dondria Nicole. Unlike other artists, she learned her mistakes early and hopes to catapult her music career to new heights.

During our “Digital Dish” segment, we got a chance to chat with semi-independent artist (“This particular project, the single and EP that will be following is all me and my team but I’m still signed”) about her beauty transformation, newly formed confidence and the fans.

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