Digital Dish: Dondria Talks Reinventing Herself and Second Chances

Dondria Digital Dish5

Why are you ready now?

I’m ready. I’ve done a lot of experimenting, I mean from head to toe I’ve tried everything so I just think I’m ready, my looks ready, my sounds ready, I know exactly what I want and what I don’t want and I’m a better business woman cause you know before I’d be like ‘alright cool’.

Are you apart of the entire process?


Are you still with So So Def?

I am. I’m still with him [Jermaine Dupri], this particular project, the single and EP that will be following is all me and my team but I’m still signed.

Is it easier or harder?

It’s a little bit of both; the easy part is me being able to call every single shot and do exactly what I want to do not that I don’t take advice or criticism from anybody because I do, but I’m just so hands on. The negative thing, which is not totally negative but it’s harder than just having somebody provide you with whatever you need and you just run with it.

Would you change this independent journey?

No, the journey is always the hardest but when you do things independent the reward is, I know it sounds cliché, but the reward is better.

So you also see a financial and personal benefit?