Digital Dish: Dondria Talks Reinventing Herself and Second Chances

Dondria Digital Dish4

What kind of women do you want to listen to your music and get inspired?

I want everybody to. I want the grown woman that has their 9-5, maybe married, maybe a kid but needs that record to sometimes pep them up. It can be draining to have a routine life so I would love to have that record for them to kind of pep them up and feeling themselves. I want to appeal to women my age to be in the club be with their friend and dance and I mean the young girls. I think this particular single that I’m dropping, it’s for everybody because it’s about confidence and owning who you are, knowing that you’re sexy and that you don’t need anybody to tell you or show you that.

On Youtube you seemed uber confident–how hard was it to recapture that in a new way?

I wouldn’t say that I wasn’t confident I would say that I didn’t necessarily know who I was. I was that person that I’m just going to go with the flow like lets just do it. I just wanted to do what everybody else wanted to so I think it’s more that I found myself because I didn’t know.

Tell us about constantly switching up your look.

When I first started everybody was confused–they didn’t know if they wanted to put me out in sneakers as the young OMG girls or if they wanted to make me mature and be my age. which was 18-19 at the time and then when I turned 23,24,25 it was just I still didn’t look my age so that was the main thing. They wanted to baby me out, they had me in sneakers and all these bright colors and I wasn’t feeling it because I just was older than what they were making me.