Digital Dish: Dondria Talks Reinventing Herself and Second Chances

Dondria Digital Dish6

What’s one fashion trend that you love and one that you hate?

I hate when girls do that highlight [on their eyebrows] and they don’t blend it out and it’s like on the top and on the bottom. I know it’s not necessarily fashion but you’re face completes your whole look so you could be dressed fly but if you’re brows look like that I don’t take you seriously and wedges, I’m over wedges. I love layering and like a grudgy-chic style.

What person would inspire that look?

Teyana Taylor does it pretty well and she does it very often, she’s good at. She’ll have the sneakers and then switch it up real quick. Ciara does it, and a stylist—her name on Instagram is—AndrogynousDouby, I love her style and she definitely embodies what I’m trying to say.

Do you look at your comments on Instagram?

I do in a sense. I don’t read every single one but I think I do when I initially post something because that’s when you get the biggest response. I might look through just to see where it’s starting to go.