Digital Dish: Mary Mary’s Erica Campbell on Solo Album ‘Help,’ Breaking Gospel Stereotypes and Redefining Sexy

It’s hard to imagine Erica Campbell without her sister Tina, but the gospel powerhouse has bravely stepped outside of Mary Mary to pursue solo stardom with her debut album Help. Out for nearly a week and already Grammy-nominated (“A Little More Jesus”), Campbell’s combination of faith-based tunes, class and charisma continue to be a winning formula—with or without someone singing alongside her.

Today, fans are gifted with an insider’s look at the famous duo on Mary Mary, the WeTV reality series that is not only in its third (highly successful) season, but challenging the conventional stereotypes surrounding gospel singers.

“I don’t go to the gospel grocery store. I don’t use gospel lotion. I don’t drink gospel water. I’m just like everybody else, but God is my source of strength,” says Erica during our “Digital Dish” session at New York’s Nail Lounge.

Keep reading to see what else she had to say about going solo, keeping it real with family, being sexy and whether Mary Mary will reunite.

Photo Credits: Sharifa Daniels