Director Jake Nava Breaks Down Beyoncé’s ‘Grown Woman’, ‘Partition’ And ‘Flawless’ Videos

When it comes to the magic that Beyoncé’s visual album is made of, credit this guy: director Jake Nava. The fellow who helmed the videos for “Grown Woman”, “Partition” and “Flawless” broke down the creative process for each visual while revealing little-known tidbits and, of course, praising the leader of the Beyhive.

For “Grown Woman”, Bey re-visited her pre-DC life, dressed like a teen and dancing like she was still on the verge of making it. For her and hubby Hov’s quick car scene in “Partition”, Jay was in the middle of his Magna Carter World Tour and had security waiting on him outside of the vehicle to escort him to the helicopter that would take him France to London in time for his gig. As for the female power anthem “Flawless”, the ’80s spirit of skinheads and punk rock came to party with Yoncé and Friends.

“She’s still clearly one of the most interesting talented artists in the world,” Nava says about being inspired by Mrs. Carter. “No matter what idea I bring to the party, she steps up with as much, if not more, in terms of what she brings to it.”

Watch Beyoncé bring it and then some in the BTS footage, courtesy of Fuse, below.