Vixen Vent: Do Black Blondes Have More Victory?

Power 105.1's Powerhouse 2013

When you think of the most victorious black women in music, almost all of them have been blonde for an extensive period in time.  Beyonce has been rocking the blonde do for so long, we start to forget that she once sprouted dark brown tresses. Ciara’s success seems to ride on whichever hair color she’s sporting at the moment–perhaps that explains why “Body Party” (and her entire new project) is one of her biggest hits to date. Let’s also not forget her impending pregnancy and future nuptials with Future.

So, the question lingers– Is there really more power in being a black blonde?

I’ve had my share of blonde ventures and although I’m no certified hair expert (although many would probably dispel my theory), I can attest to the spike of confidence that stems from the brown to blonde transformation. There also seems to be an ongoing pattern of  black female entertainers opting to go blonde for reasons unknown. Possible change? Boredom? Or a strategic image move? Perhaps.

In case you’ve never been inducted into the blonde world, beach can be quite empowering. Something about having new fried out roots challenges you to live daringly, rebellious and absolutely fearless; black blondes lead a victorious path that dark haired women just don’t stand a chance against.

Meanwhile, the ones who stay true to their roots tend to have a bit more difficulty reaping a high level of societal acceptance like their counterparts. We’re still awaiting the Ledisi, Chrisette Michelle and Janelle Monae mainstream explosion.