Vixen Vent: Do Black Blondes Have More Victory?


BET Honors 2014: Show

We all know the little black blond that skips through the rap world as if she holds it in the palm of her hands, all while projecting an un-defeatous delivery.  Yes, black blondes  rightfully take what’s their’s unapologetically. They toil with the word “bitch” or “diva” and own it. They aren’t sensitive to the diatribes, which may or may not be their secret formula for greatness.

For example, Mariah Carey embodies the term diva. She’s proud in her image, prancing around stunning in all things fabulous.  Who’s to say her tenure and outlasting success in the music industry rides solely on her unmatched vocals and charming confidence? I’m certain the true power (that I too once felt)  lies within her hair.

If this is just a phenomenon, then why are so many black female entertainers crossing over?  Blonde hair doesn’t naturally occur in our gene pool, but more women are making a conscious decisions to abandon their dark hair for breakthrough moments as a blonde bombshell.

Keep reading for entertainment powerhouses that prove black blondes really do have more fun.