Drum And Bass Salute: The MC Fats Collective ‘We Gotcha’ Project

MC Fats’ mark on the Drum & Bass scene has been pivotal and recognized by DnB pioneers and young bloods alike. It was March 2013 when the MC was admitted to the hospital for complications caused by his diabetes. He underwent a number of surgical procedures, which resulted in a final operation to amputate part of one of his legs, subsequently taking away his mobility and ability to perform.

It was then decided that an album project would be put together as a way for the steadfast and loyal members of the Drum & Bass community, showing their respect and love for the one and only MC Fats. Contributions flooded in from almost every name in DnB. The result is displayed across the We Gotcha platform covering new collaborations, some unreleased and revamped projects and also some fresh remixes of classics, which Fats has blessed with his vocal talents.

The project begins with EP 1, which contains music from A Sides, Squarewav, and DJ Zinc. A fitting introduction to the project, the EP shows off the soul, passion and sheer power of MC Fats’ voice, matched with some dynamic, feel good music. The first tune comes from A Sides. His “What You Don’t Know” is remixed by Makoto, features recognizable rolling piano and funk-driven breaks under Regina’s soaring vocals. Now this is how you kick off a dope EP.

A Sides returns with “Dreaming,” which has been remixed by Serum and Bladerunner. Their update underpins Fats’ vocals with bouncing, booming bass riffs and a clattering, addictive drum set. On the dBridge remix of Squarewave’s “Special Moment,” his signature minimal, electronic approach is maintained as Fats’ vocals are allowed to breathe and echo as they did on original. Drum and Bass hero DJ Zinc, who contributes “Move That Sound,” Moves into some funky, bass-driven house territory, the head-nodding groove is for those that like it rough, riding, but silky and smooth at the same time.

Stream it below and cop it here.

Here’s look at EP 2 due out in April, with the two albums set for May and June. Reach out, give thanks, and grab your copies of the releases as they drop. As Fats would say, “U Understand Me?”