#FitnessFlow: Vixen Staff Mount Their Poles [Video]

Fitness Flow- Pole Dancing

The results are unanimous—women worldwide are more than motivated by the skill set it takes to pull off a pole performance. What better way to kick off our #FitnessFlow series than by ignoring our inhibitions and putting ourselves in their heels?

So we decided to strut to NYPD (aka New York Pole Dancing studio) for an introductory class taught by owner, instructor and industry vet Wendy Traskos. “Pole dancing is a great workout and women like to express themselves. Typically women leave here feeling invigorated and humbled because they realize its not as easy as they thought,” she shared with us after the hour-long crash course.

We flew, flirted and fumbled our way through the class, which proved to be the perfect primer for a sexy form of fitness that guarantees to whip our bodies into banging shape—and trumps the usual boring gym cycle.

Press play and learn more.


*Thanks to the staff and Wendy of NYPD. We officially “Vixen Verify” their establishment for all your fitness and pole dancing needs.