Floyd Mayweather Allegedly Had Two Employees Beaten Over Stolen Jewelry

Floyd Mayweather could be seeing a jail cell before another boxing ring.

TMZ Sports reports that two men who were doing work on Mayweather’s Las Vegas homes were brutally beaten after the undefeated boxer suspected that they stole jewelry from his home.

Sources informed TMZ that the men were instructed to meet Mayweather at an offsite location and were greeted by him and some of his “people” with weapons in tow. One insider was even quoted as saying, “It was some ‘Breaking Bad’ shit.”

The two employees reportedly had broken arms and legs and were in the hospital for several days with nearly fatal injuries. They claim they did not steal anything from the five-division world champ and have rounded up their lawyers.

This isn’t the first time Floyd’s fists have landed him in trouble. He clocked in jail time in December 2011 for reportedly punching his ex-girlfriend.