Frank Ocean Pays Chipotle, Tells Them To ‘F*ck Off’

Oop. Frank Ocean is no longer here for Chipotle. Just a few days ago, the Mexican cuisine eatery sued Ocean for going against a contract and pulling out of a song for an ad campaign. Chipotle paid him $212,500 in 2013, which was the first half of his agreed compensation, but he pulled out of the deal in August. They sued him for the amount back, plus additional compensation for damages.

Today, Frank gave the company back the $212,500 they gave him. He posted a scan of the check to his Tumblr, which had a lovely “Fuck Off” written in the memo box in all caps. To hammer his point in, he also posted a link to the Wikipedia definition of defamation.

This can’t end well…

Photo Credit: Frank Ocean’s Tumblr