Future Helped Come Up With Beyonce’s ‘Drunk In Love’?

Future’s recent interview with Angie Martinez left a lot of fans scratching their heads. The talk all started when the HOT97 host brought up the fact that Future’s unreleased record “Good Morning” sounds very similar to Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love.” Initially when Future debuted the song at Spin’s SXSW showcase, he made brief mention about loving Bey’s record but when he elaborated on the Angie Martinez show yesterday, the ATL rapper let out some interesting details.

The Freebandz leader when on to explain how he demo’d the melody during a session with Detail, who is responsible for writing the song. Future claims the producer hit Beyonce with the record but wasn’t kept in the loop about the status of the song. It wasn’t until the actual track came out that he realized Bey had in fact cut a final version of “Drunk In Love” with Detail. However, Future maintains that he is not bitter about it or has any ill will. In fact, he still says he’s a big fan of the smash hit.

Watch him explain it all below.