Gas Explosion In Harlem Leaves 2 Dead, At Least 28 Injured

A gas explosion caused a building in the East Harlem section of Manhattan to collapse around 9:30am on Wednesday (March 12), leaving two people dead and at least 28 people injured, ABC News reports.

“This is a tragedy of the worse kind because there was no indication in time to save people,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said. “There will be a search through the rubble of the building once the fire has been put out.”

Residents reported hearing a loud explosion Wednesday morning on East 116th street and Park Avenue. Before the explosion, Con Edison was notified by a resident about a gas odor that was suspected to be coming from outside of the building. Unfortunately, workers arrived to Park Avenue after the explosion.

A New York City official said that the number of casualties is expected to change. Nine people are currently unaccounted for. At least 28 have already been injured.

The cost of the explosion is also yet to be determined. Get more details from Newsy above.