Gentlemen’s Corner: Gary Gray Talks Playing a Gay Man and Working Alongside Mo’Nique in ‘Blackbird’

Gary Gary

VV: For all of our vixens wondering, are you single?
GG: I am not single, actually. Just entered a new relationship. Sorry ladies.
What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a special lady in your life?
I’m very much a romantic type. I’m that guy that’s like, I’ll buy stuff and have flowers at home just because it’s Tuesday. I went above and beyond for an ex of mine to get reservations to Ariel’s Grotto which is in Disney Land. She loved The Little Mermaid and I think that was very romantic just because of her reaction. Just knowing that was her favorite thing in the entire universe really made it a romantic time because she saw how much dedication I put into making that day special for her.
Similar to Drake, you’re now looking to make a transition from actor to musician. Do you think your experience as an actor helps or hinders people’s ability to take you seriously as a rapper?
In the beginning when I started taking rap seriously, it hurt. At the time I was on Even Stevens and I was doing Fairly Oddparents so people saw the roles I was doing at the time and related that to anything that I did. Now, it is helping because the more serious I take my acting career, and implement cinematic elements of my acting career into my lyrics, the more serious I’m being taken. Because now I’m talking about the realness of not knowing when a check is going to come and what it’s like having to wait for that next role.
What’s next for you?
Besides Blackbird, the most immediate thing is music. I’ve really tried to dedicate myself to music and take a little break from acting. My next mixtape is very close to heart and it’s a lot of stuff that people wouldn’t know about me. Anybody that’s willing to listen, and get to know me on that level, will love it.
Listen to his flow below and don’t forget to check out Blackbird when it hits theaters in a city near you.