Gentlemen’s Corner: Tank Talks ‘Stronger,’ Sexting and Deal Breakers



Two things are certain when it comes to Tank– ladies love him and men appreciate his music.  In addition to crafting chart topping hits, the multitalented artist has also amassed solo appeal, a lucrative acting resume and even tackled being apart of a music group, TGT. Fresh off the heels of Three Kings’ success, the music veteran is giving fans a new side of him.

“I feel like how people say they are in their prime and they’ve reach their stride, I’m in that space. I’ve found a lot of the things musically I’ve been looking for that I have been missing—from tempo to subject matter, etc.—the stars have been aligned the right way. “

With his new space comes a new album Stronger and upcoming movie November Rule. We sat down with singer to talk about his music and have him participate in our first “?uestlove” segment. The sensual artist is telling us his whether he gives into fans’ DMs, what turns him on and the last time he sexted.

Photo Credit: Getty