Interview: Lil’ Boosie: ‘I’m Working On Straight Album Music’

Louisiana’s outspoken voice of the ghetto has finally become a free man once again. As reported, Lil’ Boosie returned home to the streets after serving nearly 5 years in prison on various drug charges that he racked up while on trial for another case (which he was acquitted of).

After his first post-prison press conference yesterday (March 10), Boosie spoke to VIBE about his upcoming music and other ventures.

“Everybody said when I went in there: ‘Man, this dude ain’t even rusty!’, Boosie tells VIBE about his first time back in the booth.”I’m talking about the first take. I’m “first take’ing” them. It was special, man. I done like 15 records already and all of them crazy. Me and Jeezy just did about 2 or 3 last night.”

The Baton Rouge rapper says that everything he is recording now will be for his upcoming LP.

“I think I’ma a put a mixtape out. I’m fixing to put a single out in a minute. but right now I’m working on straight album music,” Boosie says. “Everything right now is too hard to put on a mixtape, man. I’m working on my record.”

But this isn’t all that Boosie is working on. Aside from an upcoming movie and book, Bad Azz is doing all that he can to help those in need.

“I’m a do something for kids who got fathers in prison. We want to do something to provide for them,” explains Boosie. “Me and my momma getting together on this foundation for battered women. It’s plenty things I’m trying to do. I’m just trying to stay positive, man, and help as many people as I can. Cuz if you don’t help people when you get successful, I don’t be respecting those people. I don’t respect them as a whole.”

Watch the interview above.