Interview: Lil’ Boosie On Pioneering The ‘Ratchet’ Sound And Why He Is Done With Drugs

Lil’ Boosie is a changed man. That much is crystal clear. The same rapper who earned the nickname “Bad Azz” is now doing everything in his power to stay sober and out of trouble. In fact, he even has a more open attitude to collaborating with other artists outside of his camp.

L.A.’s current “ratchet” rap sound may be the trend of the moment, but real hip-hop fans know that it started in the South by artists like Lil’ Boosie.

“I appreciate them for giving me the credit,” Boosie says about YG and DJ Mustard. “I’m happy for their success and YG is under Jeezy so he’s family. Oakland, too, shout out to that Bay. That Bay wrote me so many letters when I was in jail. I ain’t know I had that much love in the Bay.”

When it comes to maintaining his sobriety as part of his court orders, the Baton Rouge hero is not playing around.

“All I think about is death row,” Boosie says with honesty when explaining about why he is determined to stay clean. “You think I’m fixing to smoke something and go back to where I was? And put my people through all this behind a high? Nah, ain’t nothing that serious. It ain’t worth it… [I ain’t] drinking no codeine and deteriorating my body, and taking a chance to go back to prison. Ain’t no high that good.”

This time around, the hardcore rapper refuses to let anything stand in his way of success.

“You gotta listen to my music and see that there’s knowledge, too,” Boosie says.

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