Interview: Naturi Naughton ‘Not Just A Trophy Wife’ In 50 Cent’s ‘Power’

VIBE sat with actress Naturi Naughton to break down her upcoming role in Power, a Starz series premiering this summer and executive produced by 50 Cent. Watch the interview above.

On being cast on Power
“I’ve been blessed; I can’t even complain. I got 50, I got Omari—we got a really good bunch, and I feel like I’m always the only girl with a bunch of dudes but it’s like very big brother, look out for the lil sis. It’s actually a lot of fun, we get it in on set. When we in the club, it feels like we’re really in the club. We’re having a good time.”

On her character Tasha
“Tasha, is crazy [laughs], brave and also fearless. She’s fighting for her family, her man. She’s worked so hard to build an empire. This whole world, the Truth nightclub, is not what she’s used to. They started on the streets and that’s the thing that’s important. Tasha’s not just a trophy wife. She’s the wife that’s counting the money. She know how to do the paper. Tasha is smart. When this show hits, I just want people to see the strength of this character—a black woman on television who has complexities, dimension. I get a chance to be a mother, which I haven’t done before. I get the chance to be a wife, which I [laughs] haven’t done before, so I’m not wifey; I’m a wife. You see my rock? I think this is beautiful to be able to have a complex character.”