Jimi Hendrix Biopic Producer Says Andre 3000 Was ‘Only Choice’ For Lead Role

Andre 3000 already looks like the perfect pick to portray Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jimi Hendrix, for the upcoming biopic, Jimi: All By My Side, which explains why the Outkast MC was the only choice for the filmmakers.

The film’s producer, Danny Bramson, spoke to Billboard recently and told them that they were determined to have Andre 3 Stacks play Jimi. “We bet the house on our one and only choice, Andre Benjamin,” Bramson said.

Bramson, who also worked on the movie Ray starring Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles, noted the rapper’s dedication,

“The idea of anyone playing Hendrix, let alone a right-handed guitarist, was one of the greatest challenges of the project,” the 60-year-old producer said. “I found a really patient teacher and put together a regimen for Andre when he came out to Los Angeles. He sat in a small studio, six hours a day, putting in dedication (to learn how to play left-handed). His guitarmanship had to carry the idea of grace and fluidity. John and I declared that we didn’t want to have the camera cropped on his face and not the guitar. He kept working in a rehearsal room throughout the production.”

The film has already been met with rave reviews and is set to play on March 12 at New York’s Paramount Theatre.