Jimmy Henchman’s Son Responds To 50 Cent Diss

Is 50 Cent getting back to his old guerrilla marketing tactics?

After 50 threw direct jabs at Jimmy Henchmen and his son on the new song ‘Hold On’ (referencing an incident where 50’s crew smacked around Henchman’s 14 year-old son), Jimmy Henchman Jr., speaking to AllHipHop.com, has responded with an official statement:

“First and foremost, when is it cool for four grown men in their 30′s to surround and hit a 14 year-old middle school kid? The incident in 2007 was a bad situation I didn’t deserve, and seven years later it’s now being made fun of in a record? What real gangster condones grown men assaulting a minor or a young man who has no involvement in the beef? Plus, these guys have kids of their own, and they should know better!”

“Secondly, who gets credit for trying to diss a man who is currently down and in no position to defend himself at this moment? It’s so easy to try to kick a man when he is down. What “real” street person applauds when a person is fighting against the same corrupt and prejudice system that has incarcerated a lot of black men? I guess that’s how some “gangster rappers” build their credibility… At the end of the day we are not catering to any negativity on our side and we have much bigger things to put our energy into.”

Today, 50 spoke to Complex about his confusion regarding being called a bully. The ‘Hold On’ diss is the kind of thing that indicates 50 might be feigning innocence, but anyone familiar with Curtis knows he’s probably just drumming up buzz for his new album, the old fashioned way. — Max Weinstein