Joe Budden Apologizes For Racially-Charged Instagram Post

Joe Budden came under fire after a less-than-PC Instagram post of an elderly Sikh man in the airport with the caption reading “Not on my watch Homeboy!” Garnering negative reactions from members of the Sikh community via Twitter, Budden was blasted with accusations of racism. One Twitter user tweeted the photo in question:

Upon initial firebacks, Joey was unapologetic, reserving that Black people bear the brunt of jokes all the time, replying to his critics by saying “lighten up” and “y’all should take this stance w ppl who REALLY feel this way & not jus who laughs @ it.” But later, he changed his tune and removed the photo from his Instagram page:

His apology was met with mixed reactions, ranging from users who said the damage was done, and others who agreed to move on.