Jordin Sparks To Roll Out Ambition-Themed Quarterly Package

Jordin Sparks already possesses a mixed bag of talents: singer, American Idol winner, actress and perfume connoisseur. Now, she’s curating her own Quarterly package based on the very thing that catapulted her fame: ambition.

While Jason Derulo’s favorite songstress admits she teamed with the Los Angeles-based subscription service (which has worked with the likes of Pharrell and Q-Tip) because of another artist, her box of goodies will be geared toward the ambitious folk.

“Definitely a go-getter [would enjoy this package],” she tells VIBE via e-mail, “someone who’s creative and open.”

Sparks’ package will grab from the realms of beauty, lifestyle and culture, but she confessed that some items didn’t make the cut.

“There are some bulkier things I would’ve liked to have in there. You can’t really fit a Kitchenaid Blender in a box that small,” she jokes.

Though her chart-topping boyfriend didn’t help her in the selection process, she’s more than confident that any individual searching for inspiration will find it in her Quarterly offering.

“It’s a little hard for people to discover something new about me since I’m such an open book,” she tells VIBE via e-mail, “but I hope whoever receives mine, feels inspired and encouraged to reach their goals!”

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