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Joyful Noise: The Perfect #HappyDay Playlist

VIBE’s deputy editor Clover Hope likes to call me “the light of the office” daily but waking up on the bright side of the bed happens less frequently than a flawless Beyoncé. Still, there’s nothing like floating on Soundclouds of gleeful music that makes shining these pearly whites a little easier. In honor of the International Day of Happiness aka #HappyDay (March 20), I’ve curated a mix of joyful noise to power you through your work day. Here, you’ll find the “Happy” master, Pharrell, who is also lighting up the world with his 24 Hours of Happiness project, alongside tunes that would tickle your elders’ ears. Push play and as Brother Bob once said, don’t worry… be happy!—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

Adelle Says: Happy is as happy does. Pha-Real taught me.

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