Justin Bieber’s RIsque Arrest Footage To Be Released

Things just keep getting worse for Justin Bieber.

The Huffington Post reports video clips of the Biebs after his Miami arrest in January will be released. A Miami judge ruled Tuesday (March 4) that indecent parts of his will be blurred out in the videos to protect the “Confident” singer’s privacy.

The two videos set to drop will show the Canadian pop star, who just turned 20 this past weekend, conducting a urine test at the Miami Beach Police Department HQs. Prosecutors on the case revealed that there are five remaining videos and they will be released over the next few days after court ordered redactions are completed.

Selena Gomez’s former flame pleaded not guilty to driving under the influence, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license during what the police cited as as an illegal street drag race. A trial date has not been set.