Kanye West Gets His Own Flappy Bird Knock-Off Called ‘Flying Yeezus’

Kanye West is a game-changer in more ways than you think. For those Team Flappy Bird, there’s a game called “Flying Yeezus” that stars West (more like his head) inspired by the company responsible for bringing the addictive app into existence.

Just last month, the developer of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, decided to take down the popular game because she started to “hate it.” Since then, there have been a number of game imitators, but this Yeezus-inspired one could make others rant.

To master “Flying Yeezus,” players need to assist ‘Ye and get the chance to tap their screens and “be God.”

If the Coinye situation was any indication (recall West suing the coins out of Amazon’s pockets), then this might go left really quick.

But until then, the game is available for your playing pleasure in the App store.