Get Familiar: 10 Kevin Gates Songs You Need To Hear

The Boot has been the hot topic in hip-hop for the past week thanks to Lil’ Boosie. But he’s not the only Baton Rouge rapper fresh out the state pen. Atlantic Records artist Kevin Gates has been doing stints in jail since his snotty-nosed, cartoon-watching days on the South side of Baton Rouge. Despite his many bids, the self-proclaimed news reporter has kept a steady flow of street music.

Now that KG is finished serving time for probation violation, he’s ready to supply the streets and radio again with his vivid bars. He’s been prepping fans for the March 18 release of his next project, By Any Means, by dropping singles “Amnesia,” featuring Doe B, and “Arm & Hammer.” As KG fans await By Any Means, here’s a list of 10 Kevin Gates songs you should listen to and get familiar. —Darryl Robertson

1. “Get In The Way,” feat. Lil’ Boosie (All Or Nuthin’)
Long before prison, Kevin Gates and Lil Boosie linked up for this B.R. street anthem, where the two rappers, both from the “Bottom” section of Baton Rouge, warn foes and haters to stay in their place. Because of the alleged rumors of beef, it may be a long time, or the only time, fans get to hear Boosie and KG on the same track.

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2. “IDGAF” (The Luca Brasi Story)
Kevin Gates, an avid reader, is at his best when telling tales. Some of his songs are so potent that you feel as if you’re trapping in the Bottom with him. “IDGAF” is one of those songs. Gates raps, “Young Troll just hit the phone, but he don’t keep one thousand/Rayfish just jacked him and he see ’bout that/Now he telling me ‘bout that/Seem to me he ain’t ‘bout that.” Gates raps as if the more aggressive he is the more listeners will feel his pain.
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3. “Streets Of B.R.” (All Or Nuthin’)
The world is a ghetto and Baton Rouge is no different. Kevin Gates displays his storytelling abilities as he paints a real-life story of drug sales, drug use and murder.

4. “Neon Lights” (The Luca Brasi Story)
Yes, Drake is an emotional rapper. But Gates is just as heart-wrenching as the YMCMB artist. The radio-friendly “Neon Lights” finds him spazzing on a woman who left him lovelorn then rapping about making love to her in the second verse.

5. “Paper Chasers” (The Luca Brasi Story)
Here, Gates shows his ability of make a radio jam but still keep it gangsta, mixing shopping sprees, drug dealing, guns and a nice flow over a catchy beat courtesy of Swiff D. Gates pulls it off while keeping his core fan base satisfied.