Lala Anthony, Tatyana Ali and Kali Hawks Cast in Queen Latifah’s ‘November Rule’

November Rule

Lala Anthony continues to parlay her hosting talents into an acting career with a new role in the upcoming romantic comedy November Rule.

The movie follows a sports shoe entrepreneur—played by Sons of Anarchy’s Mo McRae—that has created a ” November rule” in order to avoid fully committing to the woman he’s dating. He uses lies and deceit to either break up or distance himself from the girl, only to realize one is the woman of his dreams. Now he must break all the rules to win her back.

Flavor Unit Entertainment—Latifah’s production company—and Mike Elliott teamed up with Tatyana Ali, Kali Hawk, Macy Gray, The Game’s Jay Ellis, Tank and many more to complete the anticipated lovefest.

There’s no set date, but that hasn’t stopped the cast from flicking it up while on set. Flip the page to see what they’re up to and let us know if you can spot some more familiar faces.

All Photo Credits: Instagram