Update: Lauryn Hill Does Not Owe Uncle Sam Another $867,000

UPDATE: (As of March 24) Per Lauryn Hill’s publicist: “So the gist is this: Contrary to media gossip there are no changes in Ms. Hill’s legal status. Ms. Hill has finished her sentence, has been fulfilling her agreement with the IRS, and is taking care of all outstanding matters in regards to this situation. She is not in jeopardy of any further charges. The press is reporting on paperwork that had recently been filed, and has now become public record.”

More money and even more problems. Lauryn Hill has been served with more tax liens by the IRS, totaling almost $867,000, Radar Online reports.

The “Ready of Not” singer who spent three months in prison for tax evasion last year may be making a U-turn and heading right back if she doesn’t come up with the money that Uncle Sam says she failed to pay from 2005-2011.

Hill is currently on tour and charging $100 a pop for tickets to hopefully pay off her debt.

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