LeBron James Gives Friend’s Rap Career An Alley-Oop

When rap crosses onto the NBA’s court, it pays to be friends with LeBron James. For Sian Cotton, James’ high school teammate, that means getting a helping hand from the Miami Heat star in the music department. Cotton, who started out as a high school basketball player alongside King James, went on to play college football for Ohio State and soon started his rap career after graduation. Now, thanks to LBJ, who he’s apparently been doing rap sessions with since they were 9 years old, Cotton will be making an appearance on the new soundtrack with his record “Almost Home”, TMZ reports. Cotton explained that James blew up his phone before he even asked for the assist. “‘I wanna get you on the game. He thought of me before I could say anything,” he said of James, who delivered the good news soon after. “He said ‘the people from ’14 have been calling you. They picked your song!”

Cotton spoke with The Cleveland Plain Dealer about getting the same competitive rush as as a rap star. “Doing music is the only feeling that really compares to the feeling I got running out of the tunnel at Ohio State or playing games in front of packed arenas with LeBron in high school,” he said. “I’ve become kind of a junkie for that feeling, which is driving my music.” According to his manager, Cotton’s signed to Sony Music and plans to release an EP titled Black Moth later this year. Watch the music video for “Almost Home” below.