Lessons Learned: ‘Let’s Stay Together’ Star Erica Hubbard

Erica Hubbard

Lessons you’ve learned from high school and college:

I learned from high school how to refuse joining cliques and learned in college that everyone who says they’re your friend may not be.

Lessons you’ve learned on set:

I learned from set how productions are directed and produced and how important the role of a show runner and producer are.

Lessons you’ve learned from Hollywood:

Dreams come true if you’re serious and you wait, as well as have a lot of patience!

Lessons you’ve learned from your co-stars:

I learned from my costars that the more we work together with people, you become family and learn everyone’s dislikes and likes.

Lessons you’ve learned from your child:

They mimic every single tendency you possess… It feels like looking in the mirror when you look at them.

Lessons you’ve learned from owning your own production company:

I can work as a producer behind the camera and be just as passionate about the job behind the scenes.

Lessons you’ve learned from your character Kita:

I learned from Kita how to be a two dimensional character because Kita is stern as a cop but loving in her dating relationship.


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