Lil Boosie Concert Scam Artist On The Loose

Lil Boosie recently turned to TMZ to warn booking agencies across the county of a massive concert scam that has already robbed a few agents of thousands of dollars, promising Boosie’s appearance without having any real connection to the rapper.

The scammer allegedly pretends to be Boosie’s brother TQ (who actually handles all of Boosie’s bookings in real life) and tricks agents into wiring him money in exchange for a promised appearance from the recently freed rapper.

One of the victims of the scam, LaToya Thompson, told the gossip site she came across the TQ impersonator through a Boosie booking flier on Instagram. Thompson called the number from the flier and was instructed to wire $25,000 by the man who claimed to be Boosie’s brother to book the rapper for a show in April. As soon as the cash went through, the TQ imposter went M.I.A.

Other victims suffered from the same trickery, booking Boosie Bad Ass for multiple events that he never showed for.

The Louisiana rapper says he never gave permission to any company to book him. Boosie’s real brother, TQ, plans to file a police report in response to the scandal, alongside victims like LaToya, who also plans to take legal action.

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