Liquor Dreams: Could Tequila Aid In Diabetes And Weight Loss?


Finally, the day has arrived where all of our obsessive tequila binging does not come in vain.

A recent study conducted by the American Chemical Society has revealed that tequila not only assists in primary weight loss, but also helps to lower blood sugar.

Could this be our gift from the liquor filled-heavens?

Agavins, the sugar that develops from the agave plant and used to produce tequila, triggered insulin production and lowered the blood sugar in an experiment conducted with mice. Surprisingly, the sweetener also helped the overweight mice in dropping a few pounds.

Unlike sucrose, glucose, and fructose, agavins can’t be absorbed by the body; therefore they can’t elevate blood glucose, according to research by Mercedes G. López, a researcher at the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, Biotechnology and Biochemistry Irapuato, in Guanajuato, Mexico.

“We believe that agavins have a great potential as light sweeteners since they are sugars, highly soluble, have a low glycemic index, and a neutral taste, but most important, they are not metabolized by humans,” read the study abstract. “This puts agavins in a tremendous position for their consumption by obese and diabetic people.”

With nearly 26 millions of Americans living with diabetes and another 2 million diagnosed each year, many could heal from a sweetener that lowers blood sugar levels. The revelation is not to resume downing tequila shots every moment, but to understand that these new sugars may be a useful discovery in supressing appetite and losing weight as well.