Master P Fires Back At Estranged Wife, Says She Needs Drug Test

Master P has fired back at his his ex-wife, Sonya Miller’s, accusations of being a deadbeat dad and says if she can pass a drug test, then he’ll give her everything he has.

P’s estranged wife recently told TMZ that despite her ex-husband being a music mogul worth about 200 million bucks, he has left her broke with four children and no choice but to turn to welfare.

After stating that he has been taking care of her for years, the rapper/entrepreneur says that he is tired of sugar coating the truth about the ungrateful people in his life. “I’ll just pray for her, she will always be the mother of my children. I’m not perfect but I go above and beyond to provide for my kids and family,” the No Limits Records founder said, according to a statement posted by Plugged Entertainment magazine. He goes on to say that if she can pass a drug test within the next two weeks, then all he has if hers.

Even Master P and Miller’s son Romeo chimed in on his mother’s accusations, standing by his father saying that he has always provided nothing but the best for his family. “Honestly, she gives me the bills and I hand them over to him and he takes care of it. She is blessed, she lives in a guard-gated community and drives luxury vehicles,” Romeo said.

Read the full statement here.

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