New Music: Jay Electronica & Jay Z ‘We Made It (Remix)’


“Roc Nation, celebration/Motivation, elevation…”

Those two bars are perhaps the best way to describe Jay Electronica and Jay Z’s assassination of Soulja Boy’s “We Made It” track. Teaming up for their first collboration since 2010’s “Shiny Suit Theory,” Jay and Jay reference history’s most notable tales, from the Sphinx of ancient Egypt, to slavery, to recent heroes like Michael Jordan — in an effort to highlight the transition of Black people from the bottom to the top.

Hov even takes his fitted off to Oscar winner, Lupita N’yongo on his victory lap: “I’m on my Lupita N’yongo/Stuntin’ on stage after ‘12 Years A Slave,” he raps.
Spin Jay Electronica and Jay Z’s version of “We Made It” below.