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Nicki Minaj: A Brief History Of Feminism

There’s no singular way to define feminism. Sometimes the fight for gender equality is perfectly packaged into a surprise album about being a grown ass woman (See: Beyoncé). Other times, it’s disguised under playful costumes and razor-sharp lyrics (See: Nicki Minaj). Yes, that Nicki Minaj.

No doubt, classifying her as a feminist will piss some of you off. But from the stereo to the stage—and more directly, during interview settings—Nicki routinely addresses the misogyny running rampant in the entertainment industry and pipes up about double standards against women.

Her method may be unorthodox—the hyper-sexualized imagery and songs about “lookin’ ass niggas” and “stupid hoes” could serve as distractions to her message. But the Queens-bred rapper constantly cheerleads for women, not in traditional activism, but on billboard charts, in boardrooms and in interviews. Skeptical? Here, a brief history of Nicki’s most notable feminist moments. —Niki McGloster

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