Obama Gives The Gap Presidential Promo During NYC Visit

The Gap in Midtown Manhattan got the presidential treatment yesterday (March 12) when President Barack Obama dropped by the big name store to kick off his NYC visit.

According to WSJ, Obama’s first stop straight out of JFK airport was the 42nd street clothing store. The Prez chose to shop for the ladies in his family to show his support for the company’s recent effort to raise the minimum wage.

President Obama bought a navy, athletic jacket for the First Lady (perfect for Let’s Move! campaign efforts, btw) and declined the saleswoman’s request to get V-Neck sweaters for his daughters as he, “worried the V-neck is going to slip off their shoulders.” Instead, he Commander-in-Chief kept it conservative by copping two round neck collared sweaters for Sasha and Malia.

To prep his modest shopping spree, Obama made sure to bring bank. As he told the Gap clerk, “I don’t always carry my wallet. I brought it specially for you.”

Not surprisingly, the President declined to get a Gap card for that 10% discount.