Officer Involved With Leaked Rihanna Assault Photo Under Examination

Former Los Angeles police officer Rebecca Reyes still remains in hot water with the judicial system after being allegedly tied to the gripping photos of Rihanna’s face that leaked following the 2009 assault involving Chris Brown.

She was pronounced guilty on “multiple counts of misconduct at an administrative hearing,” THR reports. Following the sentence, Reyes sought a writ of mandate that summoned Police Chief Charles Beck and the city of Los Angeles “to set aside a final order upholding the decision terminating her employment.”

The case then traveled to the Superior Court where Reyes’ writ was dismissed by Judge Luis Lavin, relaying the fact that the then-officer broke LAPD policy by snapping a picture on her cell phone of Rihanna’s injuries. While TMZ soon picked up the photos, they were reportedly never sent the images to the gossip site, though Reyes forwarded them to other people. Reyes said she captured the image because she was “star-struck” and wanted to share it with the other officers, who may not have known what happened.

Claims that Reyes was involved in the situation stemmed from TMZ reporting that the image came from “a law enforcement source.”

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