Omar Epps On ‘Larry King Now’: ‘I Saw [Tupac] Half An Hour Before He Got Shot’

Omar Epps stopped by Larry King Now to discuss his new hit drama Resurrection (which comes on Sunday nights on ABC) and working interchangeably between film and television. They also talked about politics, if there will be a House reunion, acting in Juice and his friendship with the late Tupac Shakur.

“Tupac was a man of many faces,” Epps said. “Great genuine person. Charismatic, super talented, loyal, grounded. But Pac had that thing where he was a troubled soul… There were a lot of purseoneal demons he was fighting.” He eventually shared that he saw him right be before he died.

“I saw him that night actually,” he continued. “Literally half an hour before he was shot.” Watch the whole interview above.